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Do Electronic Cigarettes Pose Risks? Things You Should Know About E-Cigs

The world knows it. Almost everyone that has smoked have heard about it. The phenomenal sales is the proof. Electronic cigarettes have arrived and they are about to change the way we get our nicotine.
Bruno Mars made a promise to his late mother that he will be tobacco-free. When Bruno’s mother was still alive, she cautioned his son against vapes. She said that the devices could blow in his face. Not anymore. Advances in technology, at least in reputable brands, have shoved the safety operating concerns in the backburner.
But like any other nascent technology, electronic cigarettes have inherent risks. One of the risks are the famous exploding batteries and the rise in nicotine poisoning especially among the young people in America. Fires have been attributed to faulty chargers that blew up causing fires. More and more reports to poison control involving young people and children that mistake, apparently, the sweet smelling e-liquid as candy. Can you blame them if the liquid smells like cotton candy?
There is still nicotine
Electronic cigarettes are designed to shield smokers from the harm coming from the chemicals of a regular cigarette. A combustible tobacco cigarette carries about 6,000 chemicals each are capable of causing harm to the human body. The smoke carries around 70 or so carcinogens that are known to cause 12 kinds of cancer, according to the US Surgeon General. What remains is the nicotine. Nicotine is the one that makes smoker attracted to smoking. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that helps the mind to become calmer and improve the mood. The problem with getting nicotine from regular cigarettes is the fact that there are other chemicals that can harm the body and that is where the problem starts.
No short-term problems
Based on available data, the vapor that comes out from a vape does not cause any short-term problems to the health. In fact, the vapor is as harmful as the air quality of a particular area. It has nicotine but none of the worst kind of chemicals. There are traces of chemicals presumably coming from the solder and other parts of the electronic cigarette. But none of the chemicals have the amount and strength that can cause any worry to anybody.
It can help smokers quit
Based on studies that are surfacing, more smokers are able to quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. The most famous study is the one that was done by New Zealand researchers showing that electronic cigarettes are as effective as other nicotine-replacement devices that are available in the drug store. This could be the reason why Big Pharma is moving heaven and earth to convince policy and law makers to classify electronic cigarettes as medical devices. The increased popularity of electronic cigarettes could drive their business of nicotine patches and gum to the waste bin.
It is harmful but nothing is known yet
Health advocates always highlight that electronic cigarettes have their own number of harmful impact to the health. When asked what these harmful effects are, often they end up with a blank face. They assume that vapes are harmful but can’t find the reasons to support their claims. They just want to put in place a precautionary stance just in case studies turn out to support their beliefs all along.
More than just the theories and the assumptions are the facts about smoking and vaping. Vapes are able to save millions of lives. It can help smokers at least to get lower harm in their quest to get nicotine. That alone is a victory worth celebrating.