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Are Electronic Cigarettes Good Or Just As Bad

Posted April 15, 2015
iceal 2It is not uncommon to see places that are called as vaporiums. Vaporiums are specialty stores that are run by vapologists. Vapologists are just a fancy term for people that are able to learn more about the mechanics and nature of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have become popular and has been the topic of conversation due to its rather controversial nature.
Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that are able to deliver nicotine to users. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and the reason why smokers are not able to quit. The problem with smoking is not much about the nicotine, it is about the thousand other chemicals that piggy back ride the smoke from a burning tobacco.
This is where electronic cigarettes earn their keep. They are able to deliver the nicotine in a manner that is familiar to smokers. The use of the mouth and the fingers are generally associated with smoking. The familiar smoking stance can help ease the smoker to a calm mindset. And this can greatly help a smoker that is trying to get rid of tobacco from his/her system.
Vaping, the alternate term for the use of electronic cigarettes, is experiencing a phenomenal growth. About one million Americans are vaping or about two and a half million Europeans have taken up vaping and ditched smoking. The growth has been more than expected. More and more vapers have been embracing the new found hope against smoking—or is it really.
Smoking has been a problem in the world. Almost a billion people have died due to smoking in the 21st century. The number is more than the death toll of the people that died in two World Wars combined. The World Health Organization pegged the annual death toll of smoking-related deaths to about six million.
Vaping offer a new hope for smokers to get less exposed to tobacco at the same time help them to quit smoking. Available data show that vapers are able to quit smoking after some time. An Italian study said that about 21 percent of vapers that replaced smoking tobacco with vapes are able to quit after a year.
But, health advocates warn that electronic cigarettes can only mean bad news. It can allure young people to think that smoking is cool. Something that health and anti-smoking advocates have fought against through the years. The entry of electronic cigarettes into the consciousness of people greatly impacts the effort for tobacco control and plans to undo the efforts to make smoking a thing of the past, or so they claim.
The lack of regulation means that there are no standards that vaping brands adhere to and this adds to the mystery. It is said that the lack of regulation opens a Pandora’s Box to potential harm that vapers face when they ditch conventional cigarettes with electronic ones. They may be led to think that electronic cigarettes are safe but in actuality they are not.
The studies and current data show that electronic cigarettes do not have same risks as conventional cigarettes. In fact some doctors hail electronic cigarettes as the devices that can help save millions of lives. A claim that is totally bold and ambitious.
Anti-vaping people claim that there is not much known about the vapor that electronic cigarettes produce. Long-term studies are not available yet because vapes have been around for just over a decade. There is a need to find out what are the lasting health impact that vapes have to the body.
Then again, if there is something that can positively impact the smoking habits it got to be electronic cigarettes. In terms of harm reduction, electronic cigarettes provide the best solution to the smoking problems that the world faces.