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Young Person’s Guide To Vaping

Posted April 15, 2015
There have been a lot of talk that young people are favoring vaping than smoking. The National Youth Tobacco Survey is indicating that the favor is quickly shifting to the tide of electronic cigarettes. And that is sending a lot of health advocates reeling. The hype is causing plenty of people thinking if vapes are causing damage than help. Are vapes attracting young people to pick up the addiction? Perhaps it is time to educate the young people of what vapes are all about and why they are there in the first place.
Vapes are for smokers
If you are looking to smoke cigarettes then don’t vapes. The design of vapes is such to help smokers get over their addiction. Vapes are battery-operated devices that are tasked to help people to get their nicotine fix without getting exposure to the harm that tobacco provides. Getting into an addiction via vapes would not get better. In fact it is a surefire way towards disaster. Vapes do not provide the same nicotine experience as tobacco. Getting into the addiction via vapes can lead towards problems. After all, why start on something that would not give the maximum satisfaction.
Vapes need some maintenance
Unless you have been smoking for long, there is no point to pick up an addiction that you have to maintain something. Current vape designs mean that you have to charge batteries. Since the devices involve the use of batteries there is a chance you will not be able to vape under certain situations. This means that if you are in dire of need of a nicotine fix you may have to resort to smoking conventional cigarettes. This defeats the purpose of getting addicted to nicotine and avoiding tobacco. This is the reason that it is best not to pick up the addiction in the first place. Do not be a fool and get trapped into the web of addiction where it is not easy to escape from.
Vapes are getting eased out
It is true that you can vape almost everywhere. But recent development tells us that this is no longer true. More and more places are getting strict about vaping in public places. If your city or town still allows it then you’re lucky. Regulations that may come in the future will change everything. The objective, while it is not making vapers happy campers, is to make it harder for confrontations or confusion to happen. This means that if you pick up the addiction today, you will have a hard time turning it off in the future. The spaces that allows you to vape are getting smaller and you have to realize that changes will happen soon.
Vapes are designed to replace tobacco and eventually help people to get rid of their addiction. It is something that non-smoking young people should pick up. It is better to live a healthier life than to get involved in an addiction. Any type of addiction is uncool. And that includes getting involved with devices such as electronic cigarettes.